Modern Free Stop Roller Shade - Sunscreen Blackout (Snow)

The smoothest FREE STOP® roller shade ever.
GoDear Design, the pioneer of FREE STOP® cordless shade. With our FREE STOP® roller shade, you can enjoy an unrestricted stop. It is easy to operate as well as to install. Feel free to operate FREE STOP® cordless roller shade by following 3-step instruction. This shade is durable and ideal for kitchen, office, bedroom, garage, den, family room, nursery, and so on.
A modern and stylish roller shade makes home alive. GoDear Design, your best friends of home décor.


Capable of inside, outside, and celling mount. Minimum of 3-inches depth for inside mount.
Step1. To decide inside or outside mount.
Step2. Fixed the brackets; make sure brackets are leveled.
Step3. Tilt roller shade (Head rail) slightly with 45 degree backward angle to fit the mount brackets


Fabric material:100% POLY

Light blocking effect:100%